In 2015 Europe experienced a humanitarian crisis like no other since World War II. In Calais, fleeing war and poverty, over 6,000 souls were stranded, waiting to cross to England.

The greatest humanitarian tragedy since World War II and the milestone that has marked this 21st century. Millions of migrants, most of them refugees from the war in Syria, started arriving to the shores of Europe in 2015, fleeing violence, terror and death. Carrying only what they could in their arms and risking their lives on a desperate journey across land and sea, they found indifference, bureaucratic and physical barriers, and a European continent with closed doors. The result: Millions of human beings living in jungles of mud, plastic, and misery.

In The Jungle, the name the refugee camp in the French port city of Calais was baptized with, between 4,000 and 6,000 souls awaited their opportunity to cross the English Channel to the United Kingdom, the new promised land. However, the wait was destined to be long.


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